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Welcome to the artist line-up page, here we welcome you to have a look at our great artists from all around the world that we proudly would like to present to you.

Same as every year we selected and invited each artist on his or her styles & skills. Hereby we can offer you a very wide range of tattoo art so you can see what the meaning of the word “tattooing” is all about.

There are so many different artist coming to the scene each and every year that its hard to keep up with new styles and designs but we always try to give you the best mix of the old and new school generation!

To ask questions or make an appointment with the artist of your choice please click on his or her artist card and you will be redirected to their website or portfolio.

Pay attention! The artists have a busy schedule and are traveling around the world so perhaps they cannot answer within a day or 2 so please be patient with them and respect their “perhaps” late response to your message.

If you need help, info or assistance with something “artist” related please drop us an email and we will try our best to help you out. (